Curr. Appl. Phys. 2024; 60: 32-42

Published online April 30, 2024

Copyright © The Korean Physical Society.

Ag-doped MnO2 nanowires integrated with graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalytic applications for waste water treatment

Department of Physics, Faculty of Applied Science, Umm AL-Qura University, Al Taif Road, Makkah, 24382, Saudi Arabia; Institute of Chemistry, Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan; Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, P .O. Box 84428, Riyadh, 11671, Saudi Arabia; Department of Physics, College of Science, Jouf University, P.O.Box 2014, Sakaka, Saudi Arabia; Department of Physics, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey; Schhool of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan; Department of Physics, Islamic University Madina, Saudi Arabia; Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Lose Angles, United States


For the synthesis of Ag-doped MnO2 nano-wires-like morphology, the hydrothermal method was used. The composite of Ag-doped MnO2 nano-wires nanocomposite with g-C3N4 (Ag–MnO2/g-C3N4 (10 %) was made using an ultra-sonication approach. The formation of doped and un-doped MnO2 nano-wires (NWRs) was confirmed by XRD, and for the detection of functional groups, FTIR analysis was done. Surface morphology and optical analysis were done by SEM and UV–visible spectro-photometry. The Ag–MnO2/g-C3N4 (10 %) showed tremendous photo-catalytic efficiency towards MB and BA. Ag–MnO2/g-C3N4 (10 %) exhibited 51.38 % degradation of BA and 83.67 % of MB under visible light irradiation. Ag-doped MnO2 nano-wires (NWRs) exhibited better photo-catalytic efficiency as compared to bare MnO2. This work represents that the photo-catalyst Ag–MnO2/g-C3N4 (10 %) is capable of photodegradation of dyes and organic compounds as it has a greater potential for establishing a better green environment. © 2024 Korean Physical Society

Keywords: Benzoic acid, G-C3N4, Methylene blue, MnO2, Nano-wires, Photo-degradation

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